Where Everyone Has a Blast

Thanks for your interest. Been working hard the past few weeks setting things up.

We will be providing:

  • Monthly training
  • Social events
  • Private Facebook Group for members only will allow you to discuss and meet folks quicker and conveniently.


We are working on making this a first rate organization although small there will be:

Training Available
We provide monthly training to get you safer, more confident and a better gun owner.
With trainers and experienced gun owners among you we will get you from where you are now to a higher level of proficiency so that you can enjoy the fun of shooting.

Working with a lead instructor who is also a member of the Fun Gun Social Club.

  1. Handgun Qualification License courses (needed to purchase a handgun in Maryland)
  2. Basic Handgun instruction
  3. Basic Rifle Instruction
  4. Basic Pistol Instruction
  5. Simmunition training / Force on Force (intermediate – Advanced skills)
  6. First Aid
  7. Range Medical Safety
  8. and more…

*non-members will have to pay additional fees.


We are Social.
There are some activities that have little or nothing to do with shooting, like fine dining, sports activities, travel, movies, theaters; restaurants, sporting events, charter fishing, hunting. Working on a cruise, Nats Tickets, Wizards Tickets, Movie Tickets, a place to have Spades and Tunk games, and the usual monthly pub meets.

Fun Shoot
There are more things to do with your firearm than shooting at the range you are used to.  We are going to seek those places and frequent others, inside, outside, and specialty courses.

Focusing on fun, safety and the wants of the members.


Thank you.